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Meadows Business Park Submits Documentation Supporting Proposed Taney County Expressway

Taney County is seeking federal funding to support the proposed Taney County Expressway, linking the Hollister Industrial Park to Kirbyville via a direct route that encompasses the new 2019 Coon Creek Road Improvements. 

Meadows Business Park is located less than 5 minutes from this Improvement and the proposed Expressway.  The purpose of the Expressway is to relieve severe traffic issues along the Mount Branson and surrounding sections of Highway 76. 

There are numerous benefits to the proposed Expressway in addition to relieving current congestion.  The Expressway provides a much more direct route from central Taney County to Highway 65.  This will shorten commuting times for employees commuting to and from the Kirbyville/Meadows Business Park area.  The Expressway will also improve delivery and pick up times for all tenants in Meadows Business Park.  This includes ongoing container traffic to and from VHC Brands, improved efficiencies for added volume of parcel and package cargo with UPS and FedEx.  It will also allow VHC Brands to operate with planned expanded hours and still within optimum 3rd party carrier delivery/pick up windows. 

Upon completion, the Taney County Expressway will give tenants in Meadows Business Park much easier access to Branson and Hollister.  This makes the location of the business park ideal for tenants who want easy access to these economic centers but do not want to be located in Branson or Hollister due to cost of land/rent, lack of available space, or other reasons.

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