About Meadows Business Park

MEADOWS BUSINESS PARK. LLC: A Master-Planned Mixed-Use Commercial Development

Meadows Business Park is a 23-acre mixed use development for light industrial, office, and related activity located in central Taney County, Missouri.

Meadows Business Park is a convenient 10-minute drive from downtown Branson and 15 minutes from Forsyth, Missouri.

There is also easy access to Hollister, Missouri via the recently upgraded Coon Creek Road project, scheduled for completion in 2019.

Branson and the Taney County region are well known for a broad mix of family-friendly vacation and lifestyle amenities.

As with any top tourist region attracting millions of visitors, support offices and facilities are not always best located in the center of the action.

Retail pricing for available land or work locations can be prohibitive, and commutes for support staff or even key senior employees can be inconvenient into and out of heavily touristed traffic areas of Taney County and Branson.


Tenants of Meadows Business Park enjoy the convenience of all that Branson and the Tri Lakes area has to offer, while working in a bucolic, quiet location nestled in the picturesque Missouri Ozarks.

Meadows Business Park is envisioned as a master-planned location, with available plots and buildings for local, regional and national tenants.

Buildings range in size from 10,500 square feet for single or multiple smaller-need tenants, to 110,000 square foot building plots for larger-need tenants.

Meadows Business Park has been the primary fulfillment center location for VHC Brands, Inc. since 2003.  VHC Brands is a leading, multi-channel wholesale national resource for retail partners selling home décor.

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Meadows Business Park is a member of Taney County Partnership, a regional Economic Development group consisting of leaders from the regional business, government, banking/finance, and construction sectors.


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