Lot 2

Lot 2 With Warehouse

  • 11,500 Sq Ft Bldg
  • 1 Loading Bay
  • 1 Delivery Door
  • No facilities

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Meadows Business Park, LLC Lot 2 consists of an 11,500 square foot metal building designed for warehousing. Crème exterior with matching trim. It is currently leased to VHC Brands, Inc. as Kirbyville Fulfillment Center Bldg 2. Building was constructed in 2007. (www.vhcbrands.com). Lot size is less than 1 acre.

Lot 2 / Building 2 is approximately 5 minutes from the east end of the proposed Taney County Expressway.

Building Interior Specs:
Open Span Interior Building, 3 man doors, 1 roll up truck delivery door for small/personal trucks, 1 loading bay raised for semi/container level delivery.

No restrooms, no breakroom etc. This building is not sprinkled, which is not required for commercial buildings in central Taney County less than 12,000 square feet.

Shed sloping roof construction, 32 foot height to 24 foot height on western side.