Lot 1

Lot 1 With Buildings

  • Racks
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen & Break Room
  • Covered Exterior Patio
  • Walking Access to Bldg 2/Lot 2
  • Surveillance
  • 2x Shipping Bays for trailers
  • Private office suite w/warehouse view

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Meadows Business Park, LLC Lot 1 includes the business park entrance and signage, as well as a new 37,150 square foot Kirbyville Fulfillment Center Bldg 1 for VHC Brands, Inc. (www.vhcbrands.com). Building construction is standard metal warehouse style, white exterior with charcoal trim. Main building was completely rebuilt in 2017 on the foundation of same size structure that was razed in 2016 with a massive fire.

Building Size Specs: Main Building 100×300 (30,000 sqaure feet), attached office break area is an additional 1150 square feet, and an attached 6,000 square foot front storage area. Main Structure was completed in 2017, 6,000 square foot addition was completed July 2019.

Lot size is approximately 2.897 acres. The main sewer line for Meadows Business Park runs across the front of Lot 1, parallel to East State Highway 76.

Lot 1 / Building 1 is approximately 5 minutes from the east end of the proposed Taney County Expressway.

Building Interior Specs:
Open Span Interior Main Building, 24 foot sidewalls, 32 foot high center on columns. Additional 6,000 square feet is 17 foot sidewall with 22 foot maximum interior height. Roll Doors connect mina building to extension and extension has an exterior roll door for future small/delivery truck docking.

2 below-grade loading docks for semis/containers, 1 roll up door dock for passenger and smaller box trucks.

2 Restrooms, 1 Office/Conference Area, 1 Break Room, 1 Utility Closet, 2 entry/exit doors, outdoor covered area.

Spinkler Fire Suppression System throughout. The interior lighting has been updated to energy-efficient high brightness bulbs that are motion sensitive and shut off when workers are not present in a given area. The building is being fitted with a rooftop solar array in 2019 to assist with reduction in electrical costs as a partial reduction.

Outside parking area includes loading area, approximately 35 marked parking spaces.

Prior front parking area can be used for office or satellite building expansion and would accommodate a 5,000-7,000 square foot separate building.